Another month of Game developing, another month of meeting!

If you know someone who may be interested in Game Development, or who has recently started and looks for partners and/or advice, feel free to bring him or her over! The group is very open and welcoming to new people, and we love meeting new fellow game developers!

Please register on Facebook:

Since the beamer time seems to be getting out of our hands again, we decided to change the formula once again. We will have a hard-limit of 10 minutes for presentations, and once the timer reaches its limit you will have to STOP the presentation wherever it is. So make sure you plan in advance to not overdo it!

Of course, if you brought a project that you would like to show around, you can (briefly) mention that on the pre-showcase section and set up your station for everyone who wants to play/see it in the mingling and chatting time. The rules for the beamer time remain unchanged:

– Please let me know here on the event if you plan to show something on the beamer. Those who don’t, will not have the preference and may risk not having a timeframe!

– Depending on the amount of people who wants to present a project, we may need to keep the presentations short. Please prepare a presentation of maximum 10 minutes!

– You’ll be able to see the time you have left, but bear in mind that when the time is up, it’s up and you need to move on!

The event is now sponsored by Hammer Labs, which means that it is free to attend. The drinks, however, are on you!